Zero Waste Christmas Gift Wrapping

The countdown is on!   Christmas is just a few days away, and you're probably about done with your Christmas shopping, having found those perfect low-waste gifts for your family and friends.  If you've still got some gift wrapping to do and you're looking for some zero waste alternatives to disposable wrapping paper, you might consider Furoshiki as an easy and elegant option. 

Furoshiki gift wrapping

Furoshiki is the Japanese style of wrapping parcels with fabric.  The beauty of Furoshiki is that the gift recipient can keep the cloth in which the gift is wrapped.  It's also incredibly simple to do.  

This year, I'm giving a friend a second-hand cookbook, wrapped in a muslin cloth the she can then use to make nut milk.  It's zero waste gift wrapped in a cloth that can be used to make zero waste food.  A double win.   

Check out this short how-to video: 

Add a cutting from your Christmas tree, or a sprig of rosemary or thyme to give your Furoshiki parcel some flair, and give it with love to the recipient.  

What is your strategy for keeping waste to a minimum this Christmas?  Would love to hear your ideas! 


Zero Waste Christmas Gift Wrapping