5 Great Benefits of Switching to Solar Power

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Today’s blog post comes from guest Cloe Matheson, a freelance writer from Dunedin, New Zealand. :)

Whether you’re looking to cut down on your household waste for environmental reasons or you’re thinking ahead and hoping to reduce your power bills in the long-term, you may have considered switching to solar power for your home. If you’re interested in installing solar panels but aren’t sure if the potential advantages outweigh the initial costs, consider the following significant benefits:

You’ll save money long-term.

Installing solar panels will be expensive – there’s no getting around it. However, they are a proven worthy investment – if you plan to stay in your home long-term, you’ll almost certainly make back your initial costs. How long it takes to do depends on your area, but as solar panels are generally under warranty for at least twenty years, you can expect them to function well for an extended period of time.

You may be able to share power with friends and family.

A major benefit of owning solar panels is the ability to sell back excess energy to your provider at a set rate.  Selling back your power means that you will likely save money on your monthly bill and even make a bit on the side, which will help you earn back your initial investment faster. 

Some companies also offer programs that allow you to share power with your family and friends, whether you charge them a set amount, sell it to them at close to market rate, or simply gift it to them by allocating units of power to specific people each month.  Given the rising cost of power bills, you’ll quickly become popular!

Your home will be worth more.

With today’s younger generations becoming increasingly environmentally-conscious, any eco-friendly update to your home is likely to increase its value and help it fetch a reasonable price on the market when you choose to sell. When you purchase your solar panels, ensure they’re covered under a good warranty; they should also be cleaned and checked once every six months or so as part of routine maintenance. 

Keeping your panels in good condition will ensure they remain a significant asset even after ten or twenty years.  Potential buyers see solar panels as a great pro to buying your property - they’re environmentally-friendly and will help save money on power bills. What’s not to love?

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You may be able to get a reward.

Depending on your country or region, switching to solar power may be rewarded with a tax break, a discount on the price of your solar panels, or another incentive. Look into programs in your country; solar panels will undoubtedly require a reasonable upfront payment, so if you’re hesitating because of the cost, it’s worth knowing what your options are.

You’ll be helping to combat climate change.

Solar power is the most eco-friendly way to power your home, as it doesn’t cause greenhouse gas emissions, and is a renewable energy source. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about noise, as solar panels are much quieter than traditional sources of power. 

They’re also relatively pleasant on the eye: unlikely to be the recipient of public criticism  as windmills and nuclear power plants often are. If you live in an area that receives a lot of sun, you should get enough reliable solar energy to keep traditional power sources only for emergencies.

Doing your part to help the environment is essential, and using solar power rather than relying on traditional sources is a proactive way to minimise your contribution to climate change. Choose solar panels to power your home and make a difference.

As a huge supporter of renewable energy and sustainable solutions, Cloe has equipped her little home with proper insulation and energy-saving fixtures and appliances. She also tries to grow her own food to lessen her “foodprint”. Visit Cloe Writes to read more of her published work.


5 Great Benefits of Switching to Solar Power