Four Uses For Your Reusable Lunch Box

Reusable Lunch Box

There’s something in our nature as people that likes to assign specific tasks to specific objects.  We like to know that a certain tool is for a certain purpose.  But occasionally, and especially when trying to reduce waste, it pays to think outside the box, and let certain things serve multiple purposes. 

A reusable lunch box actually does much more than its name suggests.  Here are four suggestions for ways in which you can really put yours to work. 

  1. Taking your lunch with you to the office. 

    Bringing your lunch from home is not only economical, it’s a great way to avoid creating extra waste during the day.  When you bring your own, you get to control exactly how you pack it, and can avoid disposables altogether!  

  2. Bringing your compost home from the office. 

    If you’re lucky enough to work somewhere that has a bin just for food waste, you’re extremely lucky indeed!  For those of us whose officeS don’t have composting facilities, food waste is relegated to the regular rubbish bin, which will eventually go to a landfill. 

    Got an apple core or an orange peel left over from lunch?  Pack it away in your reusable lunch box, bring it home, and add it to your home compost bin.  Turn that waste into fertile soil and use it to make new things grow!

  3. Ordering takeaway. 

    Sometimes convenience is a godsend.  We all have days where there’s so much going on we don’t have time to cook, and takeaway is our only option.  Next time you head to your favorite takeaway spot, take your reusable lunch box with you, and ask if they’ll put your food in your own container.  Chances are, they won’t mind saving their polystyrene containers.  After all, they have to pay for them! 

  4. Shopping for meat and cheese. 

    Take your reusable container to your local butcher, cheese monger or fish monger, and ask if they’ll put your purchases in your box.  If they’re a local establishment, it’s likely they won’t mind at all!  

How do you use your reusable lunch box?  I’d love to hear your ideas. 

PSST!  Here’s an insider secret:  reusable coffee cups will actually contain ANY beverage!  Tea, juice, milk, the sky’s the limit! 


Four Uses for your Reusable Lunch Box