One Easy Trick for a Waste Free Bathroom

Bathroom compost jar

When I first decided to start cutting down on my waste and phasing out disposables, I started with the bathroom.  It look several months of using up the products I already owned, but eventually my bathroom became much less wasteful.  

I narrowed down the amount of products I use, choosing only products that come in recyclable or biodegradable containers, and I ditched disposables like plastic razors, bottled shower gel, cotton buds, tissues, tampons, pads, cotton balls, plastic toothpaste tubes, plastic toothbrushes, and nylon dental floss.  

Having cut down on all these disposables, there wasn’t much need for a waste bin in the bathroom anymore.  Empty jars and tins, on the occasions that they needed to be discarded, were taken straight to the recycling bin.  Same for toilet paper rolls.  

But there were two items that still needed to be cleared from the bathroom daily: hair and floss.  

Anyone who has a substantial amount of hair knows that hair sheds daily, sometimes in vast quantities.  I have to clear hair from the shower drain every time I shower.  Sometimes I’m amazed that there’s still any hair on my head, so much comes off in my hands when I wash my hair.  

But here’s the good news:  you can compost hair!  

Biodegradable dental floss should also always be composted, whether it's made of silk or charcoal fiber.  If it’s thrown out with your regular trash, it will likely go to a landfill where it will take a very long time to decompose. 

So what’s to be done about these two compostable items?  It can be a pain to run down to the compost bin after every shower or flossing session.  

The solution is simple: keep a small jar under the sink just for collecting hair and floss (and the occasional piece of cotton wool).  You can even put torn up toilet paper rolls in the jar, if you can’t be bothered to take them down to the recycling every time you go through a roll.  

When the jar gets full, take it down to the compost bin, empty it, give it a rinse, and return it to the bathroom.  

Easy, right? 


One easy trick for a waste free bathroom