emma frame street, founder

emma frame street, founder

Our Mission

Our mission as a company is to increase consumer awareness about the dangers of the disposable economy in which we live, the impact it has on our environment, and the power we each have to make a difference through our own choices.  

Our Products

We aim to help our customers reduce their environmental impact by cutting down on single use plastics and disposables.  We're always looking to support small, independent brands whose ideals align with ours.  Specifically, we look for products that:

  • Are made of fully recyclable or biodegradable materials (not plastic)

  • Are packaged in fully recyclable or biodegradable materials (not plastic)

  • Replace single-use, disposable items

  • Are organic, non-toxic, and cruelty-free

  • Are made in the UK

We personally test all products on our site so that we can be confident in standing behind them.  We aim to sell only products we fully believe in.

Our Practices

We ship our products in recyclable and biodegradable boxes and mailers, sealed with biodegradable paper tape, padded when necessary with biodegradable kraft paper.  In an effort to limit our reliance on fossil fuels and keep our footprint low, we ship only within the UK.  We operate in a facility that is powered with clean energy and furnished with second hand furniture and equipment.  The by-products of our daily business operations are very few, but we compost and recycle any residual packaging or raw materials.  

Our Outreach

We aim to be a resource for customers looking to live more sustainably, not just by selling products.  We faithfully update our blog and send out newsletters with tips on how to live more in line with the environment through small, sustainable changes.  We also regularly connect with our local community to raise awareness about single-use plastics and environmental issues.