Our Mission

Small Shop is a zero waste lifestyle shop and blog.  Our mission is to help our customers reduce their environmental impact by offering sustainable alternatives to the products they use every single day.  We strive to partner with brands who share our ideals, and to bring you products that are made to last.  

Our Standards

We aim to provide products that: 

  • Are made in the UK
  • Are ethically produced
  • Contain no plastic
  • Are reusable
  • Are biodegradable
  • Are package-free OR have packaging that is biodegradable or fully recyclable (i.e. not plastic)
  • Replace everyday disposable items

How We Keep Our Footprint Low

Our Shipping Policy

We ship our products only within the United Kingdom.   Transportation contributes almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions globally, and by keeping our scope within the UK, we can limit the amount of fossil fuels needed to get our products to our customers.  

Our Packaging

We want to take some of the burden off of the consumer by providing recyclable and biodegradable packaging.  Though it's more expensive than its synthetic alternatives, we use paper filling, paper tape, and cardboard mailers and boxes to ship our products.  We encourage our customers to reuse our packaging when they can, and to recycle or compost it when they can't.  

We're A Plastic-Free Zone

We aim to keep as much plastic out of landfills and oceans as possible.  That's why we are fastidious about providing plastic free products and packaging.  We don't just sell these products, we use them too.  

Our Blog

We want to be one-stop resource for our customers, not just for products, but for practical information as well.  We regularly update the blog with tips, tools, and inspiration for living less wastefully.