A First Step

Photo by  Ethan Sykes  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash

While I'm on assignment in India, my company is putting my husband and me up in a service apartment (read:hotel).  It's very comfortable, but something that's been bothering me is that we get liter bottles of water delivered to our apartment daily.  Since India's drinking water is not safe straight out of the tap, most apartment dwellers have reverse osmosis water filters hooked up to their water supply for drinking, washing vegetables, etc.  

Since we don't live in a proper apartment, we are limited in how much we can alter it.  We can't really change furniture, decor, etc., and we can't install stuff.  So I did a little google searching today to find an alternative to a reverse osmosis filter, and I found this: a gravity based filter that holds over 10 liters of water in its lower chamber, and you just have to refill it when the water level gets low.  Thanks, Amazon.in!  So I ordered a filter with two backup "candles" or cartridges, which should last us for the next six months.  I'm thrilled not to have to recycle so many plastic water bottles anymore!  

Today I also picked up a Laken BPA-free, wide mouthed aluminum water bottle, so when I'm on the go I can just fill it with my gravity-filtered water, and I'm set.  I'm hoping this will eliminate the need to buy plastic water bottles when I'm traveling (airports, train stations) which I hate to admit I'm terribly guilty of.  Baby steps!