Foray Into Urban Composting

Mat and I have always cooked a lot at home, and we even manage to cook in Bangalore in our little service apartment.  Since we moved to India, we cook almost exclusively vegetarian food, for several reasons: 

1. Meat is not usually sold in the same places as veg, and we are honestly too lazy to go to two different locations to buy groceries. 

2. Cleanly raised meat is difficult to come by. 

3. Since Indian spices are so available and affordable in every market, we often cook Indian recipes, which make vegetables so robust and flavorful, and we don't miss having meat at all.

Because we cook with a lot of vegetables, we end up with a lot of vegetable scraps that go in the bin after clean up.  I started looking into ways that we could compost these scraps instead of throwing them away.  

Photo by  Kyle Ellefson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash

I stumbled upon Daily Dump (if you LOLed at the name, I did too), which has a lot of resources and starter kits for would-be urban composters.  Since we don't have a garden, terrace, or basement, I reached out to them to ask if they accept compost at their center in Bangalore. 

They responded back to me promptly that they do accept compost, but since Mat and I live very near Cubbon Park, they suggested that we take our full compost bin to the park and simply deposit it under a bush or tree.  What do you think? 

If possible I'd like to use some of it to grow some plants indoors.  Since we tend to buy bunches of coriander to cook with but never seem to use them all before they go bad, it would be great if we could grow some in the apartment and just use as needed. 

Either way, I'm going to go ahead with this guy to start with, and either find somewhere to take it when it gets full, or just give a little nutrient gift to my local park once a week.