Assessing What I Already Own

This weekend Mat and I had a very adult weekend of life admin, which included going through our apartment and cleaning out closets, bathroom, pantry, cabinets.  

We discovered quite a few things: 

1. Almost every dry good in our kitchen is packaged in plastic bags.

2. There were grain moth larvae living in about half of those dry goods and they all had to be composted.

3. We own multiples of several products, most in plastic packages, including sunscreen, hand cream, face masks, almond oil, peppercorns, toothpaste, mascara, and dental floss.

I also discovered three gift cards that were given to us as wedding presents, each with a remaining balance (yay!) and realized that I don't need to buy any more sports bras for probably the next five years.  

We composted what we could, and then separated our trash into categories:

  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic bottles
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Metal 
  • Toiletry plastic 
  • Textiles
  • Non-compostable, non-recyclables like gloss coated paper and metal-fused-with-plastic bags

I also took a good look at my closet and found several items that I haven't worn since I got to India six months ago that I can give away, and I finally cleaned my suede pumps that had three weddings' worth of dirt and grass caked on the heel.  I tidied up my watch band with some leather moisturizer and finally did a pile of ironing that his been hanging out, out of use for a while.  I had a bag full of clothes I'd been intending to send to the dry-cleaner, but I hand-washed them instead, so now they're back in commission without a dollar spent. 

When I really looked at all of the things I own, it made me realize there's so little that I actually need, and so many things I need to use and whose packages I need to recycle before I replenish them with alternatives in plastic-free packaging.  A little awareness can go a long way toward saving money too!