Getting Away From Dry Cleaning

Since I began my earth girl quest, I've been surprised to read so many articles giving dry-cleaning a bad rap.  Honestly (and the seasoned environmentalist may roll her eyes at this), it's not something I've ever thought about.  

Photo by  Kris Atomic  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

I never asked myself what kinds of materials were used in the dry-cleaning process.  I'm not sure I even had any concept of how it happens - maybe I just subconsciously assumed that a dry-cleaning fairy zapped her wand in the direction of my blouses and all the grossness disappeared.  

The revelation that I shouldn't be dry-cleaning my clothes is actually pretty convenient for me.  I hate spending money on dry-cleaning, especially since sometimes I feel that my clothes come back not looking that much cleaner.  I'm glad that the eco-blogsphere opened my eyes to (economical) alternatives, such as:

1. Hand washing - soaking clothes in the sink with mild detergent and gently rubbing stains out with your fingertips

2. Steaming - with a hand-steamer or by hanging clothes up in the shower

3. Diluting vodka in a spray bottle and spritzing your clothes to kill the bacteria that cause odor (this one was my favorite since it means you'll have leftover vodka in the house!)

Thank Your Body has some additional suggestions and some further reading on the chemicals involved in dry-cleaning.  

So far I've hand-washed two silk dresses, and after hanging to dry and getting a light press, they are looking (and smelling) as good as ever.  I saved my body from some harsh chemicals and also saved about $20!