Take Your Lunch To Work

In the busy modern world of today, when we are all rushing to work and social obligations while trying to fit some kind of exercise in, sometimes cooking from scratch and bringing leftovers to work for lunch can seem like a luxury.  Or a huge pain in the ass.  But over the past few weeks it's become increasingly clear that it's the lunch option that's most in line with what I'm trying to do here, for a few reasons:

Photo by  Eszter Biró  on  Unsplash

Photo by Eszter Biró on Unsplash

1. It ensures that I don't waste the food I have in my fridge.

2. It enables me to know exactly how much I've used in the process - how much plastic packaging has been thrown away, how many onions were used in the dish, and what happened to their skins afterwards (mine henceforward will be composted or added to veggie broth). 

3. It gives me the ability to say no to plastic utensils, paper napkins, condiment packets and the like.

4.  It's probably my healthiest option, and anyway I'll know exactly what went in to the food I cook, and it's all natural and fresh.

It can take some planning, but this week I'm making it my priority to bring my lunch to work every day.  I'm making simple dishes in large quantities that I can parse out over the week.  That is, until Friday when I'm off to Paris with my hubby (don't worry my 3 little readers, I'll still be posting content here). 

Do you bring your lunch to work?  What are your secrets of success?