Rethinking Daily Transportation

When Mat and I lived in Brooklyn, we were almost always on bicycles.  It was our primary means of fitness and social interaction.  Mat rode his bike to work nearly every day.  I alternated between commuting by bicycle and commuting by public transportation, mostly the Subway.  

Photo by  Wayne Bishop  on  Unsplash

Photo by Wayne Bishop on Unsplash

While living in Bangalore is an incredible experience in a lot of ways, I do miss the ease of getting around a city like New York (as much as we may have complained about it back then).  I currently rely on a driver to get from place to place, as do many Bangaloreans, and the streets are constantly choked with traffic.  

There are those brave souls who commute by bicycle in this city, but the traffic and the state of the roads make it less than appealing for me, though I consider myself a (somewhat) savvy bike commuter.  

Bangalore actually has a very clean, new metro line, which Mat uses to get to the office, and which I've taken with him occasionally to get around the city.  Though my company pays for my driver, and it's certainly convenient to have him, I feel that using one is not really in keeping with my newfound determination to reduce my environmental impact.  

I may just have to suck it up and give up that privilege.