Wardrobe Edit: Sweaters

Thumbnail Photo by Beth Solano on Unsplash

Sweaters are arguably one of my most favorite clothing items.  I've always felt they carried more emotion than any other item; maybe it's the association with being warm in a cold season and cozying up with people you love.  My sweaters tend to carry a lot of good memories, so editing down and getting realistic about which ones I actually wear on a regular basis was difficult.  But I managed to do it.  Below is my edit:

  1. Alexander Wang cotton nep sweater
  2. H&M cotton crochet knit sweater
  3. Eleven Six alpaca boucle sweater
  4. Tibi cotton sleeveless sweater
  5. Vince wool/silk/alpaca fine gauge sweater (this one has a hole in it that needs repairing, so I guess I'll be learning how to do that...)

Owning so few sweaters isn't without it's challenges, as sweaters tend to stretch, pill, and sometimes unravel.   Stay tuned for more specifics on how to keep your sweaters in good shape.