Wardrobe Edit: Lounge Wear

Oh man, do I love to lounge.  Love it.  I love coming home from work and taking off scratchy denim and tight elastic and slipping into sweatpants and a buttery soft t-shirt.  

However, even if one loves to lounge as much as I do, there's only so much lounge wear a person actually needs.  If you take a look at all the comfy things you wear at home, if you're anything like me, you probably only wear a handful of them.  


Like many Americans, over the course of the years I've received free t-shirts for this and that - running races, bike races, college teams - that I've hung on to for sentimental reasons, telling myself they'll make suitable lounge wear, even though they don't really suit my taste.  Most of the time, they never get used at all, and stay hidden in my drawers for years.  

After reading Marie Kondo's book, I realized that the sentiment that I attach to those t-shirts won't leave me if I give them away.  The race or event or time of my life will stay with me in memory whether I hang on to the t-shirt or not.  It has already given me joy, so I don't need to hang onto it on the pretense that I'll wear it while I'm lounging around the house.  This enabled me to give away all those t-shirts that hid in the back of my drawers and never saw the light of day. 


I've narrowed my lounge wear selection down even further now, to the 10 pieces you see below.  4 bottoms, 3 t-shirts, a cami, and 2 sweatshirts, all easy to mix and match, all natural fibers (mostly cotton), all loved and worn frequently.   

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