My Home Dry-Cleaning Sweater Trick


A few weeks ago I wrote this post about discovering alternatives to dry-cleaning.  I tried one of them out first hand this weekend, with an added twist that turned out splendidly. 

I have a beautiful boucle Alapaca sweater from my former boss's beautiful knitwear line Eleven Six.  After wearing it for a week in the U.K. because it was the warmest thing I had, it was looking a little rumpled and smelling a little worn (and a little like sheep).  

I placed it in the tumble dryer on its own.  I wet a washcloth and wrung it out, then sprinkled the washcloth with a few drops of lavender essential oil.  I put the washcloth in with the sweater, and turned the dryer on low for about 15 minutes. 

The heat creates steam from the washcloth which helps get the odor out of the sweater, as does the heat which kills bacteria.  The steam, along with the agitation of the dryer, helped to get the fibers re-fluffed up and the stretched out cuffs to return to their original shape.  The lavender essential oil just made the whole thing smell heavenly. 

So there's a good $15 saved on dry-cleaning, and a little aromatherapy besides!  Gotta say, I patted myself on the back for that one. :)