Putting A Stop To The Energy Vampires

Photo by Markus Spiske freeforcommercialuse.net from  Pexels

Photo by Markus Spiske freeforcommercialuse.net from Pexels

If your childhood was anything like mine, your mother probably scolded you often for leaving your hair dryer plugged in because doing so could "burn the house down".  While there's only a very slim chance of that happening, there is a 100% chance that your plugged-in hair dryer is sucking energy that you're not just wasting, but also paying for.

 Anything that's plugged in to an outlet at home is using energy, whether it's turned on or not.  That goes for your:

  • TV
  • Cable box
  • Wireless router
  • Speakers
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Coffee maker
  • Hair dryer
  • Curling iron
  • Alarm clock
  • Air conditioner
  • Computer
  • Phone charger

While it's not realistic to unplug every single appliance when it's not in use, you can group appliances in one room together onto a power strip with an on/off switch.  For example, group your TV, cable box, and router onto one strip and switch it off when it's not in use or before you leave the house.  Group your toaster, microwave and coffee maker as well.  

The one exception to this is lamps, which actually draw very little power when they're switched off, so if you can't group your lamps with other appliances, don't stress.  If you can, that's one extra little step towards conserving energy.  The planet will thank you, and your pocketbook will too. 

Source article: Clean Technica