Un-F*cking My Dry Skin

Photo by  Brad Helmink  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brad Helmink on Unsplash

Anyone who's been keeping up with the blog lately is going to think I'm psychotic, but I've been back and forth about facial moisturizer a lot in the last few months.  I tried switching to natural moisturizers, but my skin started to dry up and flare up, and I ended up going back to my same old drugstore purchased, synthetic moisturizer because it seemed to be the only thing that worked. 

Then, I read an Instagram post from another zero-waste woman, who said that she used to be dependent on the same moisturizer.  She explained that synthetic moisturizers can actually destroy your skin's natural oil barrier, which keeps your skin hydrated, so that effectively you become dependent on the synthetic stuff just for your skin to feel normal.  This definitely sounded like me.  

Then she said that the way she got around it was to just STOP.  She stopped using synthetic moisturizer and allowed her skin to heal and form a natural oil barrier again.  She said that her skin got super duper dry for a few days, but then it got better on its own.  

I've since read other corroborating theories that synthetic moisturizers can prevent your skin from hydrating itself, and that healthy skin doesn't need a bunch of stuff slathered on it every day.  If you get out of its way and let it maintain its own moisture balance, you may be better off. 

So, with that in mind, I'm quitting.  I'm going to stop using my synthetic moisturizer for the next week and see what happens, and I'm going to abstain from makeup in the mean time in order to keep this a controlled experiment.  I'll keep cleansing with almond oil, and use a tiny dab for moisturizer, but that's it.  Hopefully my skin can get its moisture barrier back so I can fuss with it a lot less.  

I'll post updates on my Instagram stories, if you care to follow along!  This could get real ugly...