Some Zero-Waste-Friendly Cosmetics I'm Eyeing

Photo by  Joanna Kosinska  on  Unsplash

I was pretty excited that I "hit the pan" on my face powder this week, which is to say, I've used it enough that I can now see the metal underneath the powder, and I'm almost ready to move on to something new.  I'm trying to use up all my old products before I make the switch to more sustainable options, but that hasn't stopped me from lusting after some beautiful zero-waste, plastic-free, natural cosmetics from some awesome brands. 

Here's what I have my eye on at the moment, for when I'm ready to replace the old stuff: 


I don't like to wear a lot of makeup on my face, and typically just wear a tinted moisturizer with some sun protection, with a little bit of loose powder to set it.  One place where I do like more coverage, though, is my eyes.  Because I'm fair, I have some pretty serious dark circles under my eyes, and my lids tend to be very pink.  I've used all sorts of concealers to correct this over the years, and like something that's moisturizing and not too cake-y.  Though I've not tried it yet, I like that this concealer has lots of natural oils in it, to help moisturize my skin, and I super love that it comes in a glass jar that's fully recyclable.  


A few years ago, I started wearing a translucent setting powder from NARS, and loved it.  It didn't have any color pigment in it, but kept my tinted moisturizer from migrating as the day went on.  It went on completely sheer and gave a nice finish to my skin.  This loose powder from Batty's bath is made of natural ingredients (one up on NARS), goes on sheer, and comes in a glass jar.  Triple win. 


I recently ran out of eye liner, and instead of picking up a new one, tried dipping a damp angled brush into my pressed eye color and pressing it onto my lash line (I used to do this with Trish McEvoy pressed color years ago).  It worked like a charm, and I love that it turned my eye color into a dual-purpose product.  

I haven't hit the pan on my eye color yet, but when I do, I can't wait to order these babies from Elate Cosmetics - I've got my eye on Beloved for my lids and to fill in my brows, and on Oracle for my lash line.  I'm also really excited about their magnetic Bamboo Palette for storing pressed powders, which you can keep forever and swap out your products as you run out of them (recycling the tiny tins of course).  Love what this brand is doing.  

What are your favorite zero waste, plastic free, or natural products?  These guys were all recommended me by friends or social media, but I'd love to hear what you use and love!