How To De-Pill A Sweater

So you've narrowed your wardrobe down to the essential pieces that you love.  Great.  You're feeling light and free and unencumbered by a wardrobe overstuffed with clothes you never wear.  

Winter time rolls around and the five sweaters you own are getting a lot of action, which is fine, because you love wearing them, and you love the knowledge that you've said no to extraneous stuff in your life. 

Inevitably though, if you wear your sweaters enough, they are going to show signs of it.  They may get holes, which you can darn yourself, and depending on the fiber content and the stitch and gauge of your sweater, they may start to form a little village of pills.  Areas where the yarn rubs against itself are particularly susceptible, like your underarm and side seams.  

Fortunately, there is an easy way to deal with pills, using only a safety razor, which, if you've started swapping out the disposables in your bathroom for non-disposables, you'll probably already have! 

All you need to do is lay your sweater on a flat surface, and very gently swipe the blade of your safety razor over your sweater, just as if you were shaving your legs, but with a feather-light pressure.  You'll start to feel the blade catching those little pills, and you may even see evidence of them coming off your sweater.  

If there are pills that are stubborn, it's best not to go at them too vigorously with the razor, but to pull them off by hand instead, to avoid damaging the yarn or creating a pull.  

Super easy, right?  Between this de-pilling method, darning, and my essential oil home dry-cleaning trick, your sweaters should be in great shape for a long time to come.  And as always, remember to fold your sweaters (never hang!) as soon as you take them off, so that they can retain their shape and avoid further wear-and-tear that may come from being tossed on the floor or on the back of a chair.