Homemade Beard Oil

Photo by  Vinicius Amano  on  Unsplash

My husband recently started rock climbing with a friend at an indoor gym near his office.  The friend is an Indian-American who is now living and working in Bangalore, and whom we met through some expat friends.  He also happens to have a rather impressive beard, and has shared with Mat that the secret to beard success lies in beard oil.  

On my next business trip to the U.S., Mat asked me to scour the duty free shops for some beard oil, that he, too, might have such beautifully groomed facial hair.  I spotted a small bottle at Kiehl's and  (for a pretty penny) brought it home.  It came in a handsome bottle, smelled like cedar and eucalyptus, and gave Mat's beard a healthy sheen. 

Since then, he's blasted through the stuff.  Rather than buy another bottle, which was quite expensive, I opted to try a homemade version with the carrier and essential oils I've acquired in all my zero waste mad science projects. 


  • A carrier oil like almond or jojoba (I used equal parts of both)
  • Essential oils of your choice (I used 5 drops of rosemary and 3 drops of peppermint)


  • Combine all ingredients in a bottle and shake to combine

Play around with the oils and see what scents your man likes.  Next time around I may try to mimic the original Kiehl's brand beard oil with some sandalwood, cedar, and eucalyptus essential oils, as he was quite fond of that, and I must say it was nice cuddling up to the woodsy aroma.  

Does your man use beard oil?  Would he try a homemade version?