Cronometer and Arguements for Going Vegan

Photo by  Igor Miske  on  Unsplash

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

A few weeks ago, when Mat and I decided we were going to give vegansim a try, I delved further into my research about a vegan diet and health reasons for going vegan.  I stumbled across this video on Youtube, which does a great job of busting all the myths about being vegan.  

One thing I found really helpful is that Rebecca, the video's narrator, recommends a website/app called CRONO-O-Meter, which lets you enter all the foods you eat in a given day and gives you a breakdown of their nutrient contents and the percentage of their RDA you've eaten based on your height, weight, and gender.

Not that I want to track everything I put in my mouth every day, but this could be a useful tool to check in periodically and see if there's any nutrient in which I'm regularly deficient.  After lunch yesterday, I entered all the foods I'd had thus far (yes, I did have an egg and some cheese with breakfast).  The dropdown list is pretty comprehensive and even includes idli and pakora, which I didn't think it would! 


Worth noting, after having only breakfast and lunch, I was just 4% shy of my daily protein requirement.  That's one nutrient I don't think I need to worry about!  I seem to get more than enough vitamin A and vitamin C, too.  Looks like I'll need to pay attention to iron and vitamin D though.  More to come on that when I go a bit further into specific nutrients.  

If you scroll over a specific nutrient, CRON-O-Meter gives you a breakdown of where your percentage is coming from.  For instance, if I hadn't had that cheese yesterday morning, I'd have been way behind on calcium, since it comprised 40% of my RDA that day.  


In case you're curious, I'll leave Rebecca's video here below.  Even if you're not considering going vegan, there's some useful information in it that might help you to understand vegans a bit better and to answer some of your questions about vegan diet and lifestyle. 

This is not a sponsored post!  I just found CRON-O-Meter helpful and wanted to share!